Av 3 (and others) on an old mac

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AuthorTopic: Av 3 (and others) on an old mac
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I play either on a G4 mac and on an old PPC601/100MHz mac. On the first one, of course, all these games work fine ! But on the second, it's quite slow, from Nethergate to Av3. Still playable, but quite slow. I tried disabling sound and special effects in the preferences panel, but I don't see any differences. Is there any solution to speed up the game ? Maybe by disabling ALL the spec effects ?

PS : I hope my english is not to bad : I'm french...

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You might try increasing the preferred amount of RAM for Spidweb games...
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100 MHz computers are just too plain slow to run any of the Avernum games, Nethergate or Geneforge. This is quite simply due to the fact that these games use more different graphics at the same time then any of the Exile games ever do.
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