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AuthorTopic: playing with keyboard
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hi. in ave&ave2 i became used to control the game
with keyboard. it doesn't work in ave3.

i can move only with mouse. when i press some
key on numeric k/b or arrow keys it doesn't do

when i press 'p' then 'a' it shows priest spells
buttons and selects healing. but pressing a number
(e.g. '1') then doesn't do anything, i have to click
on character's portrait.

it doesn't help to switch on/off num lock.

i have an old comp so maybe it's the cause...
maybe not.
thanks for any answers/help...
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Are you using a PC? ( I know a mac is a Personal Computer too) I had no such problems with A3, what version of A3 are you using?
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Try turning Number Lock and Caps Lock on and off, it might work. I use windows and I can control the game with the keyboard.

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