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AuthorTopic: Avernum - Saving/Loading
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I was just playing Avernum, and chose to load a game, and suddenly it threw me *hours* back, what the hell is going on, I had only just saved, and had saved (and loaded) many times since the time it threw me back to.

I don't know how this is even possible, considering I'd saved (and therefore overwritten the file) many times since the place it took me to. What is it all about?

It's hard enough to keep track of where you are, where you've been, where stuff you've left is, which quests you've completed, which items you've collected, etc, etc, without this happening.
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This is a common and unfortunate bug.

Check your save folder, and you'll find a save file without the .sav extension. Rename it with the .sav extension, and reload. All should be well.

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In some copies of Avernum and Exile, when you save your game it sometimes forgets to add ".sav" extention on the end of filename. To fix this, you should use "Save As" instead of "Save" when saving your games.
To recover your lost file: If you open the folder to which the game saves your files (the folder that is shown in "Save As" dialogue) you should be able to find the savefile with the name you gave it. So if you add the ".sav" extention on the end yourself, you should be able to load the file without problems.

PS It's a very bad idea to always save into the same file. Sometimes you will get your party into a situation with no exit. So if you save in such a situation, without making frequent backups, you will lose your entire game.

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Seriously, nice one lads.

Cheers! :cool:
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This bug is in Avernum 3 as well...
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It also happened to me in Nethergate before. I don't think for Avernum, although it could be possible for the same engine type use.

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I have had this bug on A1, A2 and in Nethergate and its so annoying!!!

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I know. I was so far and then I was transported back. I was really pissed to tell you the truth.

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I've repeatedly saved at the bottom of dungeons etc with little health, spell points.
I feel repeatedly stupid.
And this saving problem has never happened to me.

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Something strange with savegames happened to me on Geneforge. I completed a few quests, then I went to explore. I accidentally entered Diarazad (and I didn't save in the last few hours), so I made a quicksave as soon as I was inside. The game saves correctly. A stealth sholai kills me and my creations with 2 'searing orbs' spells. I loaded my quicksave and I appeared on Vakkiri, but all the quests I had completed before being killed were already finished! There *might* be some location bug or something with quicksaves.

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I've had the same problem on several of the games, but solved it by using the 'save as'. The 'save' option is the only risk to losing your progress. At least in my experience.
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