A door I can't get through...?

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AuthorTopic: A door I can't get through...?
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Dhonal's Isle / Infiltrated Shore. SW is an enchanted door, text says something like "you want to leave as soon as possible". Has this door any meaning? Tried to open it as pro-rebel and pro-shaper, but no...
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I don't think (may be wrong) anything is supposed to happen to this door unless you become a rebel... that's why you "feel uneasy"...

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This particular door can be exited but not entered, as a rebel that is.
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Originally written by Aurelia:

This particular door can be exited but not entered, as a rebel that is.
Exact. If you are rebel, you will use this door for escape from something that I don't remember...

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Chadwick Prison.


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Don't give anything away! How heartless! All I'm telling is that you cannot open the door from the outside. Don't worry about it.

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