Is it possible to keep both Alwan and Greta in your party going to Gull Island?

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AuthorTopic: Is it possible to keep both Alwan and Greta in your party going to Gull Island?
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I play a completely-loyal-to-the-Shapers-but-kinda-pro-servile Guardian. My Leadership of 12 wasn't enough to convince Greta to stay, but then again, I suspect that all the Leadership in the world wouldn't do the trick. Has anyone been able to keep Greta in addition to Alwan as a party member on Gull Island without doing something as evil and drastic as fixing the Dhonal Creator (which I'm quite sure would cause Alwan to bail)? My Guardian may clash with her apparent pro-rebel (or at least quasi-pro-anarchy) ideals, but I sure could've used her help and Searer spell when I was getting repreatedly shredded by that crazy mass of servile cultist spellcasters in the Cultist Woods.

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No, only one will travel with you.

Edit: In fact that isn't even a guarantee. I took Alwan to see how much he would tolerate from me. He ditched me on Dhonal's Island for fixing the Creator. Who ever agrees with you will stay with you, but never both.

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