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AuthorTopic: Editor glitch
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When i recently used the geneforge 3 editor (the one where the access point is the south end sigh), after i used it, i noticed an odd glitch. Whenever i made a new creation, said creation would gain some crazy fast movement, i'm talking moving accross a map in a couple of seconds. This didn't happen to my existing creations, nor my character, alwan and greta. its kinda annoying when my character falls behind,so i was wondering is anybody knew how to correct this glitch, becuz i have absolutely no idea how to manioulate the scripts....
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Actually no... I didn't know the editor could do that... unless it's the one in Dhonal's keep your talking about? Did anyone notice another glitch? Whenever you ask the editor in South End
to give you good equipment it gives you a few pieces of junk labeled as Unused and they look like a patch of grass. Has anyone noticed this or is it just me? :confused:

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actually, when i asked for the best equipment, it gave me some crazy stuff like a geonomic blade, that increses creation strength by 20, and this charm that increses your intelligence by 200 (!) and some thing that increse all creation stats by around 100.
oh well, im guessing that once i get all the stuff i need, i can just put the original scripts back, and my creations will be normal.
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My same problem. Just put the normal scripts.
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