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AuthorTopic: evaluations on G3
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ok...first, the part i didnt like. the whole game implied that we would get to use the geneforge or something. especially near the end when litalia was talking about how someday, you can be shaped by Akahri Blade, or however you spell it...just like litalia has been shaped by him. and then when you are in the geneforge area, she says that she has been shaped, and that you will get to use it too once you know what you want to be...and i was like...oh cool! but....no.

and then...Ghaldring. a potentially interesting character...but that was the huge surprise that was lurking in gazak-uss...come on! a slightly insane but albeit brilliant war general, hell bent on shaper destruction? thats it? and...i guess i can buy that...but, throughout the game, it was implied that we would meet ghaldring. but, no.

and i felt like there were a lot of problems that were spoken of but couldnt be solved, i.e: fixing the problem of how unnaturally cold it was on the isle of spears.

and...then there was that drayk that was protecting the newborns...he said that it was possible to control the insanity caused by the canisters, but that he wasnt going to bother teaching you how. why not?! i dont want to go crazy just because i have the power! and the whole trade off thing/absolute power corrupts thing totally fits right here.
now...what i did like...it was pretty cool having allies like greta and whats his name.

and...you did get pretty powerful. and i loved the crafting...but...i think that should have been a larger part. there werent that many items...i think that you should have had more control in that...but...thinking about it, i could only imagine the amount of time it would take to make a game with that much freedom of gameplay.

the story was pretty awesome...but, i felt like it was missing something. and i think that happened because this game is more like a lead-in to G4, instead of a game that could stand on its own and be done with it at the end. this one is entirely composed of a story that is leading to something. and that is mostly good...because i definitely cant wait for the rest of the games now.
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umm...i just saw another one of these types of posts a few subjects down...so, if a moderator wants to close this, i wont really be too offended. sorry. lol
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