creations not doin what they r supposed to

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AuthorTopic: creations not doin what they r supposed to
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I have recently created a clawbug and a terror vlish, but they dont have any ability that matches their desription. My clawbugs won't poison, Although that was addressed in an earier topic, and for some reason my terror vlish

1) is incapable of inflicting terror on any enemy.

2) it poisions enemies (How that works I don't know)

3) It does fire damage, when terror vlish are cleary magical creatures

4) Does not have a magical slow or stun like regular vlish do.

can anyone offer me an explanation for this?

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1. I the claim to poison clawbugs is the ones that attack you, not the ones you create.

2. My terror vlish does the same things, but if they are a low level they don't seem to inflict terror. I can't explain these things as they are not my creation of choice, but I have also notice their main attack seems to be poison.
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