Post-Game Help [Spoilers]

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AuthorTopic: Post-Game Help [Spoilers]
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Okay, so I have finished the game and destroyed the geneforge as a loyalist. There are two main things I am missing:

1) Where is the left access bracelet? I can't find it or the topic that was posted about it a few days back.

2) Where is the key for the levers in the Geneforge area? I have Litalia's(sp?) key, but it does not pull those levers.



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KMK: There are two lab-like regions before the Geneforge. Each of them has a piece of the Bracelet. I don't remember where exactly in each of them, but I remember there were "tough" guardians in each. One of them is in the NE part of the region, in a section that is sealed and you can only get by pulling levels, the guardian is a special Golem creature.

The other piece is in. . . I think. . . western part of the other lab-like region (wait, I think it was near the center by a big crystal (I hate not having the game in this computer so I can check these things))

Anyway, hope this vagueness has helped somewhat.

No clue as to #2.


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