Follow or not follow the Shaper's way? -GF3-

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AuthorTopic: Follow or not follow the Shaper's way? -GF3-
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I believe they were attempting to weed out the smart serviles at the time because the increased canister use and power-hungry philosophy caused a shift to obedient creations and not independent ones.

Dikiyoba thinks the Awakened in G2 are a lot more powerful than the Awakened in G1. And they get a better ending in G2, too.

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Chosimba makes an excellent argument. All of the sects in all of the games are keeping secrets or try to betray you in some way. The single exception is Barzite: even though Stanis killed Shanti, you get fair retribution.

My observations on the sects (yet to play GF3):
- Awakened
-- GF1: Slain Servant Mind in Ellrah's Keep. They also want you to kill Control Four.
-- GF2: Pinner is ready to selfishly run away at a moment's notice. Not much treachery though.
- Taker
-- GF1: Sholai allies, without telling you until you join. And of course, want to kill all Shapers. Vengeful and ready to turn on you instantly.
-- GF2: Won't tell you much about Geneforge, and want to hog it. Have huge labs they won't let you into even if you join (Gazak-Uss, Benereii-Uss). Still want to kill all Shapers.
- Loyal
-- GF1: Obeyers starve other sects, lots of espionage. No betrayl of PC, though, as you are a Shaper.
-- GF2: The entire plot is pretty much a deception. Zakary seems ready to kill you at a moment's notice, and has secretly turned his back on Barzahl.
- Barzite
-- GF2: Capture and kill Shanti. Canisters have malicious effects, but it's not their fault.

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