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AuthorTopic: Anvil locations
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How many anvils are there on Dhonal's Isle? Where are they? I found one in the mine under Sun Ru. Are there any others on that island?

Also, are there any anvils on the latter islands like the island where Stonespire is located?
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There is an anvil in the Darkstone Mines on Dhonal's, but you have to free the servant mind in the Darkstone Core to acess it.

There are other anvils on each of the islands. The one on Gull Island is in Clawbug Infestation, and the one on the Isle of Spears is in Southern Gates.

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Speak with Hawthorne in Kenia East Gate: that's will unclok a room behind his chambers. The anvil it's here.

There are 2 anvils in Dhonal Isle, but one it's broken and can't be repaired.

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