is there an item list yet?

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AuthorTopic: is there an item list yet?
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is there an item and stat list for GF2 yet?

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If you desperately what Item lists then look in your
gforscen script text docuement it does tell you them more towards the end

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I made this list for Geneforge I. It is likely outdated, though.

On second thought, it isn't. I've compared the scripts, and there appear to be no differences worth mentioning.

Edit: That, or I in fact made an item list for Geneforge II back then and just remembered it wrong. In either case, this is the item list you probably want.

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I made this list for Geneforge I. It is likely outdated, though.
I can't get to the website :( :(
is it posable that you messed up?

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It's probably a nameserver issue on your end. Not everyone can access that particular site, depending on whether their ISP is feeling cooperative on that particular day. If someone who can access it would copy-paste the item list into a post and post it here, that'd be just peachy keen.

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