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AuthorTopic: Extra items?
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I've been playing this game for a few weeks and I really love it!!!
Just one question (for now, anyways!) is there a purpose for the demon bile? I thought it was the blood poison for Shath, but it's not. I'd appreciate any help!
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According to Schrodinger's FAQ, Bernard in South Rising Road can make you a shaped breastplate if you bring him demon bile and some other items.

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You can also give it to Symon in Zhauss-Uss along with the other ingredients for the wand to get a corrupting baton(a wand that casts acid shower). I belive it can be sold for a bit of cash as well, but I'm not sure.
EDIT: Sorry, it's Zhauss Uss Outskirts

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Also, if you mix it with tonic and a bit of lime it makes a lovely aperitif. :D
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Yeah, and it's wonderfull against RSI

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