Quick demo Q: Can you reason with Warped Creator with high enough Leadership?

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AuthorTopic: Quick demo Q: Can you reason with Warped Creator with high enough Leadership?
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Just wondering. (A Leadership of 8 doesn't seem to do the trick.) Thanks!
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I believe you need a Leadership of 10. You can, however, I believe negotiate with the commander of Fort Kentia once you find it.

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With 30, you should be okay.
Kidding, i have passed it and, well, i didnt make much attention to :D .
Try with 12 (it always works for me in any GF game).

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In the demo is their anyway to let the creator live??

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The only thing you can command it to do is shut itself down. I don't know how much leadership you need, but 12 is always a good number.

I've never just let it live, so I can't say. I assume it would keep making problems for you with the rouges, but if you are a rebel, who cares.
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