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AuthorTopic: leaving items
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If you leave items on the ground will they stay there forever? I have way too many living tools weighing me down and would like to leave them but do not want to loose them.
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If you drop a huge number of items in one area then sometimes the less valuable ones will start disappearing. In general, though, items stay forever.

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I haven't had any troubles with items disappearing, but what I've done is found an empty room at one of the friendly villages. Anytime I pick stuff up that I want to keep, but can't carry I go back to that friendly village and drop it in the same spot. That way it's waiting for me when I come back. My village of choice is Vakkiri, but Pentil works, too. I just don't trust Kazg! I leave my items in the empty room just north (in the same building) as the merchant, Coale.

I also pick up ANYTHING I can that can be sold, after I've cleared the level so I won't be encumbered for battle. I go straight to a friendly village to sell it from there.

I made the mistake of leaving behind 18 living tools in the entrance of one area once, and I went EVERYWHERE looking for them. I did finally find them, thank goodness!!

Good luck!

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Yes, it is best to consolidate your storage areas - empty rooms in towns, preferably near shops with money, tend to be the best drop places. If I were you I would try to keep things divided into groups, such as weapons and armor, tools, special items, trade items, etc. There is a maximum number of items you can drop in one area, I believe, so dividing helps there, and it's also less frustrating when you want to find something.

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