Crecent Stone Bearing Creatures

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AuthorTopic: Crecent Stone Bearing Creatures
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I can't find them and I don't see anything on the topic for that heading. Help. I've searched the two levels that are supposed to have them.

Capt. jim
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They only appear some of the time (about a 25% chance each time you enter the area). Try leaving and re-entering the area.

Of course, it's also possible you killed them already and didn't notice, in which case you're going to have to start looking around for where the stone was dropped.

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Originally written by Capt. Jim:

I've searched the two levels that are supposed to have them.

Capt. jim

i dont mean to dredge up a buried post, but which levels are these?

weezey one love
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I believe that one is "Western Wastelands" or something like that.

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Western wastes and drayk's vale. The wastes has a thahd and the vale had a shade. The thahd's a lot easier to kill, if anyone cares. The thahd may be in a nest near the eastern exit, but as mentioned before he doesnt always appear. If he does appear that's where he starts. As for the shade he just seems to mill about aimlessly and attack you every now and then.

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