Cash strapped?

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AuthorTopic: Cash strapped?
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From what I've read from a walkthrough, from various posts, delving in the scripts, etc. there is a need for a vast amount of money near the end of the game in order to get Orois Blaze and Tolleran's augmentations. If you are more than willing to waste numerous trips back and forth, it is possible to max out in all skills, without stealing.

1) Don't buy any items whatsoever. Exception: ingredients that make an item that is worth more than their cost.

2) Simply grab absolutely every item that is worth four coins or more. Any item that is stackable and is worth less than four coins - wait until you have a stack that is exactly divisible by four. Don't sell flawed crystal shards in groups not divisible by four, always sell regular thorns in numbers divisible by four, etc.

Nearing the end of the second Island I had almost 12,000 coins without selling a single herb, research note or piece of shaper equipment, and I had purchased every spell accessible and stolen less than 100 coins worth of goods.

Between excess armour and weaponry, quest rewards and selling ingredients that are more expensive than their resulting item, it should be easy to train in every spell twice, purchase training from Vandrin + Gretchen twice, get the augmentations from Orois Blaze and Tolleran, and still have enough cash left over for about 12,000 worth's of investment available for the creation skills department.

This is, however, end game. It should be more than achievable to get at least 3 of the mods from Tolleran, whilst still getting almost every spell from Khyryk. This is via the pro-shaper angle. It should be easier as a rebel to make oodles of cash via that traitorous weasel in Stonespire who wants the shaper equipment, seeing as he won't take it off your hands upon freeing Agatha.

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