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AuthorTopic: Who Are You?
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Firstly, does anyone know how many endings that
this one has? I only see two possible sides here.
That doesn't give us much room for many endings.

Thank goodness for all the side quests.

So, anyway, I have seen polls much like this in
the other two GF Forums. Who do you side with --
and so forth.

Personally, I tend to go with the rebel side that
supports servile freedom ... and such. Right now,
tho', I'm doing a playthru' with total loyalty to
the Shaper Order.

It feels kinda bad, of course, but I wanna see
what the other ending is like.

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GF3 has two basic successful endings (loyalist and rebel), with minor variations on each (based on canister usage and so on). It's also possible to get a bad ending if you screw up (killing major NPCs on your own side can do this to you, especially as a loyalist).

By the way, others have made the point that if you judge the rebels purely by their actions rather than their words, they don't seem to be nearly as pro-freedom as they claim to be.

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It's also fairly humorous how the rebels say they can give you power, yet it's so much more easy to become powerful by playing a loyalist with a canister addiction. Oh well.

A few cats short of a kitten pot pie...

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... with a canister addiction ...
LOL! "Addition". Yes, they're additive, ... like some
kind of narcotic.

When some character's description includes glow-
ing eyes and the like, ... I think, "Ah oh. This guy/
gal is another canister junkie!
" Hehehe.

And anyway, ... I really prefer to level up with
the character editor. Better than the canisters!
Don't have to worry about getting knocked down
on your tail so much in a fight and stuff.

BTW, I was just wondering. Why does Litalia force
the hero to kill her, regardless of your alliance?

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Litalia attacking you at the end if you're a rebel seems to be a bug triggered by a particular dialogue option. It doesn't matter, though; nobody really cares if you kill her.

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yeah, i'm in the "both sides are equally evil" camp.

frankly, the loyalists are in favor of slavery (of serviles, for example) and being in charge of everything. the rebels believe in filling areas with rogue creations to attack all the civilians in an area, drive them off their property, destroy their farms, etc. and quite frankly, it is also quite clear (to me, at least) that all the drakons really care about is becoming more powerful, and becoming the new equivalent to the shapers, IMO.

IOW, neither side really has any morals whatsoever, and will basically do whatever it takes to get what they want, generally without regard to the people who get in their way.
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Yes. There are good reasons for joining either side.
But there are equally bad reasons as well.

For me, I simply do what I can to help people.
And try not to slaughter too much of the "wild-life".

Which is easy, if you have the difficulty level
set to Easy. You get the Enemies Visiable Alert,
... but the enemies aren't so inclinded to smack
at you.

I just fight when necessary: assigned to get some-
one. Or I'm cornered and unable to get out of it.
Sometimes, my character gets "caught" on something
in the area, and I can't get her to move.

As far as the Dracons go, if there's a GF4, I see
a lot of potential there. Those guys are dangerous.
And I can see how, in their arrogance and lust for
so much power, the Dragon Folk might start to
see their smaller, earlier "cousins" as weak, ...
perhaps unworthy. Like vermin.

I wouldn't be surrpised if the Dracons turned on
the Drayks.
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