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AuthorTopic: Benerii-Eo Gates
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I've killed Litalia and her pylons. Now I keep playing with the two levers, but no doors open. How do I get in?
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Once the levers have been pulled, go back to the main entrance and approach the doors. They should open as you get close.

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hmmm...that's what I've done, and the door doesn't open. Are there more than two levers? Am I maybe missing something?
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i suppose you could always go in the back way, not that it solves the problem or anything, but it does get around it.

you should be able to get in from the back without any major difficulties... just as soon as you can access the area one spot beyond it, click on that area then click on the gates. that will (or should, in any case) get you in behind the gates. not that there's much there, but it can be done, is all.
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Same thing happened to me first time I played... I just kept fiddling with levers. I think if you accidentally click a lever twice, it reverses itself, as in click (open), click again (close). Try to isolate which one might be it (or both?).

Of course, I could be wrong about this. All I know is that when I clicked one, then the other ... trial and error ... it eventually opened.

Btw, I don't think Litalia is dead yet. She magically disappears when she gets too wounded. Methinks you'll see her later.
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You do see her later. Not going to tell you how many times, though.

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