what do with General Greiner? (possible spoilers)

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AuthorTopic: what do with General Greiner? (possible spoilers)
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It was difficult enough to find him - hint, find a gap in the vegetation in the Northshore Bridge area.

I've now been given the mission of working out what's wrong with him, but haven't got anywhere. At this point I'd be willing to forget about the mission but it seems impossible to finish Dhonal's Island without completing it. Once I tried killing him, but that didn't help me any either.

So could somebody give me a hint - what do I need to do or who do I need to talk with to make some progress here?
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Talk to him and examine him at different times. This is a little tricky. Then go back to Lord Rahul, who should give you another Grenier mission.

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Originally written by Drakefyre:

Talk to him and examine him at different times.
I did so after saying him that I was sent by Lord Rahul to find out what was wrong with him. Then, he tolerated that I examined him.
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