Creations and XP

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AuthorTopic: Creations and XP
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Ok, we've all heard the arguments about how creations take some of your experience and therefore it is best to go with as few critters as possible. And we've heard the counter argument that says since you're a lower level all the time, everything you do gains you more experience, balancing everything in the end.

I just went through my saved files for the end of each of the 5 (yes, 5) times I finished the game.

Here are my results:
Singleton Guardian = Lvl 40
Singleton Agent = Lvl 40
Singleton Agent = Lvl 41 (Did *everything* including Tears)
Shaper + 2-3 creations + Alwan = Lvl 40
Shaper + 3-4 creations = Lvl 39 (though if I'd have used more of my living tools to pick locks to get the last 125 exp, I'd be lvl 40).

........ So, from my own results, I really don't see any significant difference.

Anyone care to put their own results up here for comparison? Or is this enough to show that the xp loss from creations is small enough that it simply doesn't matter b/c somewhere along the way, you make for it and catch up.
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