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AuthorTopic: script
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Hi there, I'm new in the board.
Um... how to use script?
and how to create your own stuff?
thanks to respond me

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How to use the scripts (in the forum header):

1. Download the script you want (Downloads in forum header).
2. Find the original script with the same filename within your scripts folder.
3. Move or rename the original script, and put the downloaded script in your scripts folder.
4. Open the game and find the access point for the editor (listed in forum header).

Making your own scripts is a bit more complicated. There are a few lists in the forum header that may help you. Also, look at the existing editors to see what others have done.

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This topic might also be of intrest;;f=19;t=000431

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I have to say that scripting is very easy to learn. Start by reading some scripts and getting an idea how they work. Download some editors to use as a guide and Bobs your father's brother.

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2 questions

how do i know what comand does what
which file do i edit
in save folder or script folder

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1. The Script function list and the Stats, skills, and abilities list might help you with this.

2. z2southenddlg.txt is a good script to work with.
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