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AuthorTopic: Missing customs crate
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I'm following the walkthrough -- and I did a search through the posts before writing this. The walkthrough and a poster said the crate was in NE dome. I have walked like a mad one through every crate, searching every corner. No crate.

I've walked around domes. I relocated the blood from the cryoroamer massacre... nada.

I'm getting dizzy. Help!

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It's not a crate per se, but a special encounter in the NE room. You may have skipped the text without knowing it.

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Are you sure you are in the right area? You should be in Storage Road (North West of Fort Wilton). The central section of the map contains several buildings. When you enter the northern one, you'll get a message that there are some canisters and pieces of broken crate with a name on it. (The building is full of boards and broken canisters and has 1 working canister.) Once you've seen this message, go back to customs agent and report your discovery.

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Right you are! I went back to autosave and replayed it just to check it out. Sure enough ... not a physical crate but a message about its fate. I need to be more patient. I was more concerned with whether I should use the canister. Duh!

Thanks you two for answering.

I'm enjoying the game (except for specters in Krya's Refuge. heh heh). Always really appreciate your walkthroughs, btw, Matt. So thorough. I'd be lost without them. :-)
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