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AuthorTopic: litalia question
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SPOILERS - if you're not right at the end of the game, you probably shouldn't read this






i've played through and beaten Geneforge 3 as a shaper rebel, and i was wondering about litalia. specifically, i had been friendly to her, and she seemed relatively friendly to me, but right at the end of the game (the first time you enter the Geneforge), you encounter Litalia & she basically is like "so i'm going to kill you now." it was so totally unexpected & unexplained to me that after a few rounds of fighting her, i stopped and reloaded the autosave to see if i had missed anything in my conversation with her. after going through the conversation a second time, i stopped and reloaded again! i could not figure out why she suddenly decided to attack me! after i killed her, no one (ie Akhari) gave even the slightest hint of recognition that i had killed her, even though he mentions her by name several times.

so my question is: why does Litalia suddenly attack you? did i miss something between passing Litalia's test to enter the fortress (talking to that truth-seeking gazer where she seemed friendly) and when she attacked me? in the final conversation i don't remember any reason given for her to attack me. she sort of acts like it's a foregone conclusion that we have to fight, but gives no reasoning on why (unless i'm a total idiot who missed something). i would have at least understood if somewhere she had been like "oh there can only be one rebel shaper aiding Akhari", or "i can't have competition for canisters", or "I have to test you before you enter the geneforge area" or "will you try to usurp my position as akhari's advisor" or "akhari has required that we fight it out for supremacy" or even just "i don't like your face". i would have been disapointed at so abrubtly killing off an interesting character, but i would at least understood what the heck was going on. but i don't remember any reason being given. could someone help me on this plot point? its one of the few points in the game where i was totally like "huh? i don't understand or like this"

ps whenever i fought her, the golem guardians from the entrance chamber right behind me and litalia would come running in to kill me. why (in story terms) does this happen? they're the only ones who acknowledge that i'm fighting this chick

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Litalia (sp) attacking you has nothing to do with anything you did or didn't do, and she would want to fight you no matter what side you are on. Some people say it is a bug, but if you have high enough leadership you can talk her out of it (not sure what level it needs to be). Killing her doesn't upset anyone or change the story in the slightest.

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I talked her into letitng me go see the drakon...but as i tried to move past her she turns hostile and atacked me.. i'm thinking its a bug or...that due to the influence of the canisters she has just become mad beyond control....

oh and to stop the golems from killing you when you enter the section close the door. Theres a lever just north(?) of the door and the golems stay neutral.

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eh so i guess its really not clear why she attacks. i understand that she could possibly have been enraged by the canisters or something, but since for the other 99.9% of the time she is so calm and collected that it seems odd that not only would she attack you out of the blue, but seem totally calm while doing so. i figured if it was canister rage, somewhere in that last conversation it would say something about her looking/acting a little unstable.

i guess even spiderweb slips up sometimes...

oh and pyro, i tried to close the door several times, but for some reason nothing happened when i clicked on the lever. now that i probably just screwed up somehow.
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I think she did not attack me, I used all the canisters I found.
Maybe it depends on whether you helped the rebels on *all* islands?

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This bug has been discussed before in other topics. I recall someone mentioning that there's one particular dialogue response you can give during one conversation with her that triggers the bug, making her attack you no matter what else you do.

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