Day count?

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AuthorTopic: Day count?
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In the last 2 GF games, events basically waited for you to act. There were no time limits, and nothing changed until you took action.
In GF3 I've noticed there is a day counter when you view the map.
Are there consequences based on the amount of days it takes you to complete quests / the game?
Or is the counter just something which reports how long it took you to complete the game so you can try to do it faster next time?

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well, in exile 3 the day count meant that all the citys you didn't save were gradually getting more and more destroyed... And there was a special event after like 500 days...
Hopefully he did the same thing for this game :)

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I think anytime there's a day count, it's there for a reason.

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I dunno...Sometimes the day count does nothing. For example:

In Blades of Exile in the Valley of Dying Things there was a day count, but it didn't do nothing.

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Not completely true, but mostly. The longer you took in VotDT, the more flora died. I believe people left, as well, but I'm not positive. In any case, it was always possible to win the scenario, no matter how long you took to do it.

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