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AuthorTopic: HELP!!!
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hi i just downloaded geneforge 3 i am a long time lover of the geneforge series however this nbew version doesnt like me ..... i installwed geneforge 3 without any problems however when i boot it up all i get is the spiderweb software screen and nothing happensso itry hitting escape spacebar and enter but all they do is cloe the game please help:::::i am using win 98 however i dont know wether or not i have direct x installed
please help :( :( :(

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You might want to post this in the tech support forum.

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Jeff doesn't read these boards. (not even the tech support section) So if you want him to know about something, you have to e-mail

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You can easily check if you got DirectX (I would be surprised if you did NOT have it.) by opening the program folder where most applications lay. The folder is simply named DirectX. Perhaps you are just being unpatient, waiting a minute may help (Assumed you have not started pressing all the buttons on your keyboard.).

EDIT: Some info about DirectX:
DirectX is a software creation kit that enables many functions. It is in fact so useful that almost all games and software use it today. Some functions DirectX enables:

-Autostart when you insert a CD.
-Compatible 3D support.
-Automatic joypad button assignment.
-And a boat load of other important and useful functions.

The equal of DirectX on macintosh is QuickTime.

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6thanks turns out it was direct x <_< wouldathoughtt i had it installed ... o well it runs now :D :D

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