Is it just me, or...

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AuthorTopic: Is it just me, or...
Shock Trooper
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Is it just me, or are the Geneforge 3 outdoors world maps considerably worse than the Geneforge II or Geneforge I maps?

Especially Dhonal's Island. And, well, pretty much all the others, too.

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Yeah, I liked the older look better, too.
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I havn't noticed much difference.

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Hmm, I guess there's a downside to the separate islands. I like the way they act as separate chapters in your story, and how you feel like you've entered a whole new ballgame with each one you land at. But you do lose the anticipation of seeing the whole thing at once. It was so cool in Geneforge I to stare hard at all the funny topographic features in the unexplored lands ahead, and try to figure out what might be there. Then eventually, you could get there, and finally see for yourself.

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i think the separation lends itslf better to the story; i mean how big can an island really be. all of the games have taken place on islands right? so i think jeff was craming just a little too much onto a single island. this way it allows for natural breaks in the storyline.

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GF2 didn't take place in an island, actually.

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"Remote mountain region".

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