Where is my stuff?!

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AuthorTopic: Where is my stuff?!
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Another bug....
I have been cleaning the crypt on the second island. Before combat, I dropped all the heavy things -- some thirty living tools, twenty pieces of lab equipment. I have lived through two waves of attackers. It appears that everything lying on the ground was deleted when dead monsters dropped new things.

Now, where do I report bugs?
And how can I cheat the tools into my inventory or wherever?

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That is an uncommon bug, so it may be unique to your installation.

You would have to use a cheat script to add items. Do a search and you will find an item editor around here somewhere.

Edit: Here

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Or you could just reload from your last save point (or use the autosave, if it's been awhile since savinga).

Try the fight again and hopefully your stuff doesn't go *poof* again.
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