Training grounds after leaving the island?

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AuthorTopic: Training grounds after leaving the island?
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I've completed the three rooms in the Training Grounds, got the "no-stone bracelet", and found the golem way too hard at that point, so I did everything else and left the island. Now I'm half way through the Isle of Spears and tried to go back, but found the entire complex empty. Is it too late for me to pass the tests now?
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Empty? You mean aside from the servant mind, right? Did you go back and step on the rune next to where you got the bracelet?

You can go back at anytime in the game and complete the final test.
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I went back after doing most of Dhonals Island and completed all 5 "Golem tests". So at least at that point it still worked...

You just go to the room where the Golem appear and step on the rune, then walk back ot the servant minds room and the room adjacietn to it.. step on the rune there and get a gem on your bracelet.

You repeat this 4 more times to complete the test.
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