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AuthorTopic: Oops, where did I put that...?
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I suddenly discovered in my current game that I "misplaced" a set of Crystalline Fibers. I don't know exactly how I lost it, but the result is the same - I don't have enough components to craft the Essence Aegis (as I already used up the first Crystalline Fibers).

Is there some way I can get it back? Some console code or something??

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There is no console code, or cheat, but it's item number is 305. You could put that in a script.

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There are more Crystalline Fibers out there. I don't remember where, maybe someone else does. In the mean time search for them, as there are about four or five or so.
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Check here.

Student of Trinity's excellent list is very helpful.

There's a third extra set of crystalline fibers available, though you have to be near the end of the game.

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