Where is Stringer's shield

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AuthorTopic: Where is Stringer's shield
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It's me again :rolleyes:

I don't find the Stringer's shield and I wonder wether in this game it is possible to sell unique object (may be I sold it) ? I have found shield but their name were not "stringer's shield"

Have you found it ? I have 2 quests with Stringer and without this shield these both quests stay

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It's a normal Shaped Shield found south of his location. Any Shaped Shield will do, so just get a new one (there are a few in the game.)

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But you may as well get the closest one, which is his, to his south. IIRC, it's a bit hard to find the area where his shield is, because the path that leads to it is unusually close to the eastern exitzone. It does not start right near Stringer; you have to go back northeast a bit, to find the narrow southern path that leads to the clawbug den in which you can find his shield.

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I have found it, I had been yet here but I hadn't taken this shield in the den because I was looking for a shield with a specifity name like "Stringer's shield" for example.
Thank you very much :)
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