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AuthorTopic: Preordering?
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I was kinda wondering why you can't preorder SW's games (from the "Order Right Now" link). I don't know about the rest of you, I'd kinda like the option, since I know that whatever he makes tends to be worth registering.

By the way, I searched General, Geneforge 2, and Blades of Avernum for the word "Preorder" before posting this. If this has been addressed already, kindly point me in the right direction without too much flame, hmm?

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Why you do need to pre-order? Most of the SpidWeb games are regestration keys. And it's not that much of a wait once you buy something on a CD...

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Given that on the day that they release the game, they usually get back to you about registration within a few hours, and given that the demos are large enough that you're unlikely to get to the point of needing to register within a few hours, preordering is not really necessary.

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Hm... I suppose, but generally, I like to get my ordering out of the way. I'm on a tight budget, you see, and so the sooner I order the game, the better.
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