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AuthorTopic: Quick Save/Load
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Am I the only one that is irked because I can't quick save or quick load?

Let me explain:
I have a 12" iBook
The original Quick Save/Load buttons were F3 and F4-Problem: Those are the volume control keys.
The update provides a change to F13 and F14 but, 12" iBook in mind, Problem: I DON"T EVEN HAVE F13 OR F14 KEYS ON MY LAPTOP!

I am very angry: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

How many other people are afflicted with this plight?

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Me. I already put up a post about this.
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I have moaned about it too.

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I have a PowerBook and the change irks me - no F13 or F14 here either. But, I solved the problem when they were on F3 and F4 by using the fn key and changing the keyboard control panel so that I had to hit fn-F4 or whatever to adjust the volume rather than just F4. I've also done this because a number of programs I use also make use of the F keys. Do iBooks have the same option?

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