Will this Geneforge be any different than the others?

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AuthorTopic: Will this Geneforge be any different than the others?
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Just curious about this, because most of the games seem to use the exact same engine and simply convey a different story. I want a multiplayer game, dammit!
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Some people, when examining the screen shots, have in fact noticed what they believe to be a multiple PC party. However, they could also just be some sad tag alongs like in the second edition. I suggest you closely examine the screen shots.

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Arguably, its not even a different story, just variation on theme. But its the little things that make a difference. Seeing actual humans in GF2 made that difference for me. I loved that. And I'm sure GF3 will have little additions to the game that make it a whole evolutionary step better.

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Well Jeff did add some new features in the game, I like to see these new features when the game come out. Eventhough that GF3 is kind of similar to the previous two, I am still eager to see what are these new features....

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