Stuff you've noticed - possible SPOILERS

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AuthorTopic: Stuff you've noticed - possible SPOILERS
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Oaky, this is a thread to talk about stuff you can either deduce, assume, or have valid speculations about using the information we already have.

1) In several of the screenshots, it appears that you can have up to three shapers in your party.
2) It appears that there are several islands which are linked, making a larger map.
3) It appears you have more choices to customize your character.

What else do you see?
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In this screenshot you can see a new boss.

I wonder if that green stuff to which he is. . . melded? merged? part of him? might be a energy crystal or some such thing. He is being powered by, or at least at the intersection of four different power points. What is it, though? It almost look like a Thad, but I doubt it's that. Not a servant mind either. Or maybe it is a Thad that merge itself with a crystal in order to acquire more energy.

There's a women called Litalia who's a traitor and we may join her at some point. She speaks of the destruction of your (our?) school and how this is not an isolated incicident, but will spread everywhere. Why did she leave the Shapers? What hwas her betrayal? How does this connect with the events in the previous GF games, if at all?

I like the new choices, character wise. More genders, it seems, and now you can use bracelets and necklaces (you couldn't in GF2, right?)


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