G2 - editing items (letter to rising)

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AuthorTopic: G2 - editing items (letter to rising)
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I was carrying around that stupid letter for a long time, and when i finally got to rising, it was gone. Probably sold it, and none of the merchants had it anymore. What a pain! Is there any way I can get this item back to complete the quest? The save I made when I had it was waaaaay back.
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Usually I dump all the plot items/artifacts/collectables/so-so items that I don't have the heart to sell, at a friendly town's entrance, or near a merchant.

If you do the same (I suspect a lot of people do), maybe you should go back and check your junk piles.

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I do the same thing. But unfortunately it wasn't there anymore. The item is sellable, so I suspect I accidentally sold it.
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This was a big work-around, but maybe it will offer hope to others faced in a similar situation: that is, needing an item and not knowing where it is.

1. get the G2 item editor (the links for this are dead, but somewhere deep in the forum someone posted the code in full).

2. look in file gforscen in scripts folder for the item number you want to edit.

3. change for example one of the essence orbs or whatever that the item editor offers with the number you want.

4. install and run editor. Hope this helps!
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