gene3 :what is use for Purified Essence and diamant

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AuthorTopic: gene3 :what is use for Purified Essence and diamant
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isaw the walkthrough, it say Purified Essence (Darkstone Mines, Monastery Caves)
+ Ring = Ring of the Infiltrator

but i play the game totally,idon't gain shaper ring anywhere,and then,i found the Platinum Ring+Purifying Elixir =Perfect ring,i add it to the Purified Essence,but it doesn't could i use the Purified Essence?
and i get in the Crumbling Lab to see diamant,why she always say i am a rouge sympather and doesn't talk to me?
i am loyal shaper,not loyal rebel? which step i make mistake?please tell me ,thank you !
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In some moral dilemmas..what did you choose? Something along with being kind to creations if I'm not mistaken..that's makes you a Shaper with Rebel views..

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You need the Pure Crystal Shard, too. Read the walkthrough carefully, it's a little confusing.

Your other dilemma could be tricky, but if you act like a fanatical Shaper for a while it should resolve quickly. Of course, that depends how rebel-friendly your opinions are at the moment.

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thank you gus,i solve it!
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