seclulded forest areas

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AuthorTopic: seclulded forest areas
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how do i get into secluded forest areas, that havent an opening to walk into. I have a saw, but i cant equip it. Or a these areas to remain black and secluded.

thank you

mary olson
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There are a very few cases (and it's usually fairly obvious) where talking to the right person, doing something, or getting close enough will open up a secret passage, but for the most part, there is nothing in those black areas. Clusters of trees are like walls and cliffs in that sense.

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You're a Shaper, not a lumberjack.

The Empire Always Loses: This Time For Sure!
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There is a reason that you cant explore all zones 100%.
plus shapers cant wear those items (or use)
Becuase there is nothing behind them.
I dont think there is any terrain in those spots
Even if you could you wont find any treasures.
That would be a glitch in the game.
Your not allowed to explore 100% of the map for all zones.
Pentil can only be explored 99% (because there is a small spot on the zone)
plus it would be road or grass with nothing...
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