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AuthorTopic: geneforge votes
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which game do you pick?

Geneforge 5
Blades of Geneforge
Online Multiplayer Geneforge

Most votes win!
(votes can tie)

I will tell you when its over.
you must vote atleast yes on 1 game.
vote yes on all 3 if you like.

Highest votes will be the first game to be made.
The one with the 2nd most votes be made after.
The one with least votes will not be made.
if 2 games are tied they wont be made until a new poll votes winner.

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This poll contains 3 question(s). 2 user(s) have voted.

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although the first one is the only one that is likely I wish in vain for all 3.

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Yes, yes, yes!

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As i said before!
Only 2 games will be made but the other wont.
Plus each question needs 10 votes or more.
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Who are you to say what games will be made and what games won't be?

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It's hypothetical, see the other thread.

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Yelling at the mods in caps not to close a topic is not guaranteed to be effective. :P

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1. The Geneforge forums do not need more pointless polls.
2. They definitely don't need polls with descriptive titles like "geneforge votes".
3. You brought this up in at least three different topics now, in one case reviving a dead topic to do so, and creating two new topics. That's called spam.
4. You are shouting at other people to order them around.
5. You are making disingenuous statements about the next game to be made. While this is mostly harmless, it could be confusing for new visitors.
6. For the last time -- well, probably not -- Blades of Geneforge is not going to happen in the foreseeable future, and neither is a Spiderweb MMORPG.

Any of these things individually would be excusable. All of them together constitutes a hideous mango.


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