Are agents better shapers than, well, shapers!?!

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AuthorTopic: Are agents better shapers than, well, shapers!?!
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Here's something shocking I noticed in Geneforge 2, especially. Because leveling happens naturally with summoned creatures, the shaping skills that increase creature level only matter early in the game if the creatures are taken good care of.

This is the shocker. Agents have better magic abilities than shapers, so using blessing magic allows them to eventually have stronger creatures than shapers! :eek: Well, at least until the end of the demo. ;)

Does this trend hold until the end of the game? Surely there should be benefits beyond the shaping skills beyond higher starting levels if this is true! It's starting to make me think that picking an agent is like playing on easy mode. ;)
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Well, not many creations are available by the end of the demo, and a minimum level in a particular Shaping skill is required for each one. Also, you will more than likely have your creations killed several times, making their leveling next to useless.

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This is actually untrue for Geneforge 2 and 3. Creations gain experience (and therefore levels) at a rate totally indepedent of their own levels. Thus, if a Shaper creates a Fyora with enough bonuses to be at level 20, and an Agent creates a Fyora at level 10, the Shaper Fyora will always be 10 levels higher.

Also, Blessing Magic maxes out its effect strength (though not its duration) fairly quickly, so Shapers have no problem casting buffs that are just as good as Agents.

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It's probably most feasible in Geneforge 4, where Infiltrators (agents) get almost as much essence as Lifecrafters (shapers), and shaping skill doesn't make so much of a difference with higher-tier creations. You'd still have fewer creations than a full-on Lifecrafter, but you could make up for it with your own more powerful magic.

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