Slowdown problem with Geneforge 1

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AuthorTopic: Slowdown problem with Geneforge 1
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I downloaded Geneforge 1, and not long into the game, in certain sections of the first areas, the game is suffering large slowdowns as to make the game unplayable.

My PC:
AMD64 3400+
2.5 GB ram
Geforce 7600GT 256mb
Soundblaster live.
XP home SP2.

I have tried all the tips on getting the game to work posted at this website (Redownloading, drivers, etc) and to no avail. All of my other games work fine (Avernum 4 works fine, and my demo's of the other Avernums also work perfectly). I have read other posts in here with similar problems, but no solutions. I am wondering if any solutions have been found?
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(This needs to be moved to Tech Support) Are you running it in the right resolution? And are there any antivirus programs that would interfere with it running in the background?

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Mod, any mod, please lock this thread and/or move it to TechSupp, please and thank you.

That doesn't make much sense. If A4, a much newer and powerful game works well, why would G1 mess up? Perhaps your virus software is acting up.

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Sent to Tech Support.

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