Still having trouble with keys

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AuthorTopic: Still having trouble with keys
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Hi. sorry to be a pain. I have searched the forums but don't get anything on keys. There is a door i can't open in Khor's Deeps and I don't have a key to the Makers Mansion. Any help is appreciated.


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The door you can't open in Khor's Deeps is the door to the marina and a boat to take you to the next island. You won't be able to open it till you finish Shaper Agatha's quest.

To finish Shaper Agatha's quest and, coincidentally, to open the Maker's Mansion you need to speak to Khyryk (in Khyryk's tower) and get a key from him.

Overall people here will only be glad to help, however I highly recommend you take a look at Matt P's walkthrough on Gamefaqs.

Also, if you are playing pro-Shaper, be sure to kill all the serviles in Stonespire for exp prior to mopping up Maker's End.
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Thank you for your response. I apologize if you think that I have asked too many questions. I have read Matts FAQ and the keys for both these places and the Phasia key were not sourced in any place i could find.

Once again thanks.

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If you have several related questions, you can ask them all in the same topic, instead of creating three different topics. But don't worry about the number of questions; a lot of people struggle through these games and need much more help than you have asked for so far.

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Khyryk will solve both those problems. Are you a rebel?

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