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AuthorTopic: Geneforge Online version?
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who like to have an multiplayer version of geneforge?
it has the whole series in the internet version.
features can chat to other players
like how to talk press enter to pull up a window saying what do you want to say?
then you type wat u want and a message will show up on your head.
during combat u can only talk during your turn but it takes no ap.
and your friends can join your party but takes no slots.
and some monsters respawn in some zones.
even G3 and u can trade with each other and u can restart but what quests u done will reset
and item will come back.
what money and items u got stay in your inventory.
shops will reset on items.
(and gold for G1 and G2 only)
monster will also come back as if u never killed them.
(only the host can restart the game)
and u can choose wat type of world u pick:
1-4 G games
you will still keep your stats and abilities.

doesnt that sound fun?
if u like to play a shaper gang. :D
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Um, direct further comments here.

Not that you really ought to have any further comments. Board opinion seems to be nearly unanimous.

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