GF3 Ending? (Small spoiler needed)

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AuthorTopic: GF3 Ending? (Small spoiler needed)
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Destroyed the Geneforge. Now what do I need to do to end the game? Lord Rahul said something about locating surviving shapers, but he was not very specific. Thanks
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you need to go to the boat in the northen docks of dohonols island

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Just to clarify, leave the keep into the city, and head to the zone to the west (I believe Dhonal West Gate). You will find a boat in the northern part of the city.

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Sorry I should have been more specific. I got on the boat and it took me back to Greenwood Isle I believe. After my arrival there is where I'm stuck at.

Strange, the 1st time I went to the west docks, I didn't get the pop up message about returning to the mainland...

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Did you rescue any specific group of persons on gull isle?

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You got the wrong boat. There are 2 docks in the western keep - one takes you to Greenwood Isle (and does so all through the game), the other takes you to the mainland (and is only available at the end).

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