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I don't get the whole set_flag and sdf thing, could someone explain it?
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I don't have much experience in scripting, but an SDF (Stuff Done Flag) flag shows that events have happened. Usually, if it has a zero, that means it hasn't happened. If it has a one, that means it has happened. Futhermore, I believe there are SDF flags that have multiple values. Say, for Greta's spells, 0=Fireball, 1=Searer, and 2=Essence Orbs.

Of course, I could be wrong.

EDIT: Listen to Kelandon. He has more experience than I do.

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Hmm, GF. It works the same way as BoA, and you should look up how BoA's flags work.

I feel as though the BoA docs have a good description of them in the abstract. If you want to see how they're used (with an explanation), I wrote an article about it.

Basically, you use flags to keep track of whether stuff has happened or not. When the party steps on a space, you can set flag (0,4) to 1, and then if you want to know if the party has stepped on that space, you can check the value of flag (0,4). If it's 0, then the party hasn't, and if it's 1, then it has.

Flags range in value from 0 to 255. If you want to track the party's progress in a dungeon, you can set flag (0,5) to 1 when they get past the first part, 2 when the get past the second, and 3 when they get past the third.

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