Conversation bug at the Geneforge? (SPOILERS)

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AuthorTopic: Conversation bug at the Geneforge? (SPOILERS)
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Supposedly, I can convince Litalia to let Akhari Blaze get a shot at me before she does, getting 50 xp and a good ol' Alwan snort of amusement in the process. But as soon as I try going anywhere, Litalia shouts "that's far enough! It is time!" and goes aggro on me (though given her 16% hit chance vs. Alwan, I somehow don't think I'll have a problem winning that fight). Am I not going in the right direction (I've pretty much tried going in all directions)? Is this a bug? Or is my Leadership skill only intended to get Litalia's goat and some xp before she inevitably goes the way of Master Hoge?
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I didn't have enough Leadership for that option, but while we're talking about Geneforge dialog problems:

You kick away Akhari Blaze's claw as he reaches for the Geneforge, even if you kill him many rooms away from it. This doesn't make sense.

He's pretty cool, though. Makes Easss look like a wimp.

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