GF3 damage and hit chance questions

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AuthorTopic: GF3 damage and hit chance questions
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Is it just me, or is my lvl 35 Guardian both a little on the weak side and a damage magnet to boot? On the one hand, he's decently durable with the double-buff of Augmentation and Essence Armor (over 450 HP), has good armor, and has a 100%+ chance to hit in melee. On the other hand, despite having a fair Strength of 11 and a Melee Weapons skill of 10 (yep, that's part of why I can cast Essence Armor), he often does as little as 40 or less damage (without Quick Action and weapon enhancements) per strike in melee against decently durable foes. Also, though his Dex is admittedly only 2, he got sliced around big time by the Runed Serviles in Spharon's Lands despite the huge level disparity (they're only worth 1 xp). I often send Alwan out to tank and have enemies whiff at when attacked in large numbers, since it's pretty much open season on poor Dakro and all that damage does add up.

So...does this sound a little unusual, or is it just the way GF3 is vs. GF2?

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It's probably because you pumped so much into spells and magic. My guardian can hit for around 110, 20, and 110 again against most things, and somewhat less for heavily armored creations.

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