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I just finished Geneforge 1 and was wondering if anyone has played the game without using a single cannister or just 1 cannister from the first 2 areas?

I can see a guardian being able to get through even on Torment. An agent can get by with just the firebolt cannister or wait to the Ruined School since he is almost a guardian in fighting ability. A shaper would have trouble with just a fyora as the only creation type.

If anyone has done it what did you play and what level of skill? Also is there a different ending?
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Someone once tried to finish Geneforge 1 while gaining as little experience and using as few canisters as possible. He finished at experience level 5 without using any canisters. No difference in ending. I don't know what difficulty he was playing on, but I'm guessing he found it pretty damn hard whatever the difficulty was. :P

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I played through Geneforge without using canisters. The only place I couldn't fight through was Guarded Docks and the Shaper Crypt. But I made it off the island. And yeah, no ending difference. But I had high levels ...

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