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AuthorTopic: Power core
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How do i clear the power core without dieing

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It helps if you specify which Geneforge you are in and exacly what is causing you to die.

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Here is some generic advice for all damaging areas:

1. Stay in Combat mode all the time. Also stay Hasted to get through the area even faster.

2. Put on all equipment you have that protects from the appropriate damage type. (Energy in the case of Power Cores, if I remember correctly.)

3. Cast Augmentation to increase your max hitpoints.

4. Don't spend more time in particularly damaging areas than absolutely necessary. Most of such areas have a few rooms that kill you in 1 or 2 turns, so never spend more than 1 turn in a room like that. Being Hasted helps a lot.

5. If you are still getting killed, get a couple more levels of Endurance, or wait until later in the game, when your hitpoints and resistances are higher.

Good luck.

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Dikiyoba is still assuming that this is for G1...

The power core can only be cleared after most of the mine shades have been killed and after the machinery that creates the mines has been turned off.

My strategy was to hold off on it until closer to the end of the game and not immediately after clearing the areas around it. I relied on running while in combat mode and frequent saving to survive.
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sorry ... it is for the first one and thanks... i'll clear it later on ... and are there any mind azzos crystals there?

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yes, 3 of them I believe. THe 4th is on the same map as the mind.

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thanks ... there ar some rooms in the same room as the mindo azzo that wont open ... they are near him... how do i get into the rooms

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Lady Croft One Name One Legend
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