I am back, back to work on my editor

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AuthorTopic: I am back, back to work on my editor
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I am back after my lil vacation from spiderweb. :D

I see that lots of new stuff is out.

hope you guys didnt miss me too much. :P

anyways, im going to start working on a new editor for geneforge 3 and 2 cause over the past 3 weeks, I have a total of 54 requests. :eek:

I will post my progess here.

NOTE: I have begun working

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hawk kings editor edited by me for geneforge 2
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car 54, where are you.

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I understand that the main point of this topic is about your editor, but possibly a better idea would be to post the topic's name as "Editor Update" or "I'm Back, Now for Work" or something less missleading.

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